God Provides
God Provides
God Provides
God Provides

Elizabeth Zelasko

God Provides

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The following is a reflection from the personal journal that I share on Instagram; the sketch is usually accompanied by a mediation.

Here is an excerpt from my Instagram account:

{Monday Morning Moleskin Meditation}

”Here's a good story- One day I was stressed about money and taxes and I shared my troubles with my brother. He said he would call me back after Mass, and he did. The gospel reading? Matthew 17:27, the story of Jesus and His disciples needing to pay a tax. Jesus tells them to cast a line into the sea, open the mouth of the first fish they catch, and there find a coin( in the fish’s mouth) sufficient to pay the tax...

Jesus could have used anything ("Hey Peter, what's that behind your ear?" Or, "Look under your shoe) but He used the work of their hands - the work they knew - with His glory, to provide for them financially.

We have faced many difficult financial situations as a family but I want to say this~

GOD PROVIDES! And DO NOT let ANYONE make you feel little for selling your art, selling other products, or hustling to make a change for yourself or your family. GOD can use the work we know and love for good things. Hustle, but watch how God shows up.

~and keep an eye out for a good looking fish.

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